Daniel Coker
Daniel Coker was born in Maryland, probably in Caroline Co., sometime after 1765. He was probably the son of Philip Coker . He was probably the brother of Moses Coker .

By 1818 he had purchased land in Kent Co., DE (on the road from Jarrell Town to Camden where the Caesar Rodney School now stands). Daniel appears to have been a literate man since there are some changes in the deeds in the same hand that signed them. In one deed, Daniel described himself as a "free yellow man".

Daniel made a deed on this property on 21 December, 1841. In 1836 he had given a mortgage on the property to Cesar Jones, who was the purchaser in 1841. In the 1836 documents, he is said to have formerly occupied the site.

Daniel appers in the 1830 Kent Co., De census records (age 55-100) living in a household of :

By 1850 Daniel and his wife, Sarah, were living with their son, James Coker and his family. Daniel and Elizabeth had a large family and it is interesting that none, except James, continued in the Kent Co., DE census records. Is it possible they all migrated ???

There is no record of Daniel and Sarah after the 1850 Kent Co. census record so they probably died sometime thereafter.