There exists today in Delaware a unique group of people. Descendants of Native Americans, some of whom inter-married with whites, some with blacks: they have maintained a separate and unique community, despite all attempts to force assimilation, for close to 300 years. Two communities formed, one in Sussex Co. Delaware along the north shore of the Indian River, and the other in Kent Co. Delaware near the present town of Cheswold: separate communities but united by complex ties of kinship and marriage.

This is my family and several years ago I began to explore the complex genealogical ties that bound them together. Along the way I have also become interested in the community itself: how it developed and how it has managed to survive for all these years.

This webpage reflects the work that I, and many others, have done so far. The project is enormous and will probably never be completed but thanks to the efforts of a nationwide network of "cousins", I have learned more about my family than I ever could have alone. There is no way I can ever thank them for all they have given me. Their curiosity , excitement and research has been extraordinary.

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