Probate Records (including inventories)
(based on DE/MD Probate Indexes)
Carney, James (d.1883)
Carney, James H. (d.1921)
Carney, Mary E. (d.1906)
Carney, Robert (d.1824)
Carney, Robert R. (d.1912)
Thomas Carney (d. 1856/7)
Carney, William (d.1908 )
Carney, William R. (d.1911)

James Carty (d.1823)

Coker, Abner (d.1889)
Coker, John Hersey (d.1889 )
Moses Coker (d.1867)
Coker, Moses (d.1898)
Coker, Patrick H. (d.1887)

Conceilor, Edward (d.1884)
Elijah Concilor(d.1801)
Elijah Concilor (d.1826)
Elijah Concilor(d.1847 )
Conceller, Hannah (d.1841 )
Conseglio, Jean (d.1767 )
Jeremiah Concilor (d.1811)
Counsealor, Jermiah (d.1867)
Counsealor, Mary E. (d.1867)
Thomas Concilor (d. 1739)
William Concilor (d. 1780)

Cork, Perry (d.1834)

James Dean, (d.1720)
James Dean Sr. (d.1787)
Jesse Dean, Sr. (d.1839)
Dean, Jessie (d.1843)
Jessie Dean, (d.1869)
Dean, Purnell (d.1897)
Robert Dean, (d.1874)
Robert Dean,(d.1888)
Dean, Sarah (d.1917)
Dean, Saulsbury (d.1864 )
Dean, Thomas (d.1769)
Dean, Thomas (d.1810)
Dean, William (d.1905 )

Durham, Annie M. (d.1925)
Benjamin Durham (d.1810)
Benjamin Durham (d.1888)
Durham, Charles (d.1812 )
Daniel Durham (d.1786)
Daniel Durham (d.1801)
Daniel Durham (d.1815)
Durham, Elisha (d.1864)
Durham, Elisha (d.1894)
Durham, Enoch, Jr. (d.1927 )
George Durham (d.1844)
Durham, Huey (d.1903 )
Isaiah Durham (d.1800)
Durham, James (d.1870)
John Durham Jr. (d.1776)
John Durham (d.1788)
John Durham (d.1847)
Durham, John M. (d.1919)
Durham, Margaret M. (d.1919)
Durham, Nehemiah (d.1915 )
Durham, Sallie Ann (d.1905)
Durham, Sarah (d.1903 )
Thomas Durham (d.1795)
Durham, Whittington (d.1793)
Durham, William (d.1857)
William Durham (d.1797)

Amelia Hansor (d.1814)
Aminidab Hansor (d.1717)
Cornelius Hansor (d.1814)
Cornelius Hansley (d.1899)
Gilico A. Hansor (d.1848)
James Hansor (d.1819)
Hansley, Lewis S. (d.1920 )
Nehemiah Hansor (d.1785)
Nehemiah Hansor (d.1845)
Rachel Handser(d.1815)
Sarah Hansor (d.1771)
Thomas Hanzer (d.1821)
William Hansor (d.1767)
William Handzer (d.1784)
William Hansor (d.1801)

Hewes, Ann (d.1834 )
Hewes, Cordelia M. (d.1904 )
Hewes, Deborah (d.1838 )
Hewes, Edward (d.1826)
Isabel Hewes (d.1763)
Hewes, James W. (d.1908)
Hews, John (d.1822)
Hewes, Mary (d.1821 )
Hewes, Mary (d.1830 )
Hews, Margaret (d.1872)
Hewes, Orpha (d.1839)
Hewes, Rosannah (d.1798)
Hewes, Sally G. (d.1853)
Hews, Samuel F. (d.1864)
Hewes, Susanah Y. (d.1894 )

LeCompte, Augusta (d.1897)
Lecompt, Charles (d.1799 )
LeCompt, Daniel (d.1903)
Lecompt, George (d.1887)
LeCompte, James (d.1884)
Lecoumpte, James C. (d.1914)
Lecompte, Nathan (d.1797)
Lecount, Philip (d.1846)
Lacount, Thomas (d.1796 )

Araminta Morgan (d. 1917 )
Morgan, Daniel (d.1783 )
Morgan, Daniel (d.1789 )
Morgan, David (d.1692 )
Morgan, David (d. 1732)
Morgan, David (d.1737 )
Morgan, David (d.1747)
Morgan, David (d.1787)
Morgan, Elishea (d.1821)
Morgan, Elizabeth (d.1726 )
Morgan, Elizabeth (d.1760 )
Morgan, James (d.1748)
Morgan, James (d.1792 )
James Morgan, (d.1821 )
James Morgan,(d.1865)
Morgan, James E. (d.1923)
Morgan, James K. (d.1931 )
Morgan, John (d.1807)
John Morgan, (d.1833)
Samuel Morgan,(d.1837 )
Morgan, William (d.1744)
Morgan, William (d.1786 )
Morgan, William (d.1796)
Morgan, William (d.1817)
William Morgan (d. 1891)

Mosely, Benjamine (d.1865)
Mosley, Burton (d.1918 )
Mosley, Cashias (d. 1910 )
Mosley, Charles H. (d.1906 )
Mosley, Jacob (d.1916 )
Mosely, John (d.1865 )
Mosly, John C. (d.1904)
Mosley, Levi H. (d.1912 )
Mosely, Maggis (d.1922 )
Mosley, Morris (d.1908 )
Mosley, Purnel (d.1863 )
Mosley, Purnell P. (d.1903)
Mosley, Rosalie (d.1900 )

Amelia Sisco (d.1814)
Charles Francisco(Sisco),(d.1798 )
Sicco, Charles (d.1917 )
Daniel/David Francisco,(d.1752 )
Esther Francisco, (d.1810)
Esther Sisco (d.1815)
George Sisco (d.1814)
John Sisco (d.1791)
Lydia (Lidia) Francisco, (d.1798)
Mary Francisco (Sisco), (d.1808)
Cisco, Perry (d.1902)
Rachel Sisco (d.1826)
Thomas Sisco (d.1748)
William Sisco (d.1829)

I am in the process of collecting more Probate Records and hope to be adding them as soon as they can be transcribed.

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