Daniel Durham
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Kent Co.
Reg. of Wills, Liber P, pg.68-9

On Sunday morning February 19,1815
I John McCoy was sent for by Daniel Durham now dec. and when I came to his house I found him sick in bed and my belief is he was at that time of sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding. The said Durham requested this deponent to write his will but having no preparation for writing a will deponent told him he could not do it. The said Durham proceeded to relate what he wished to be his will in the presence of this deponent and told him he wished him to take notice that what he was going to relate was none other than his wish and desire which is in the words following VIZ " First that all my Just debts should be paid". "Second that all my estate after paying my debts should be equally divided between my sister Elizabeth Durham and my two half sisters Hannah and Eleanor Durham, that my young sisters should have their shares when they stood in need of it and any of them dying the survivor ro surviving to have the part of such deceased sister or sisters." "And lastly that my wish and desire is that Hugh Durham should administer on my estate and settle the same".
(signed) John McCoy

Personally came John McCoy before me James Harper, Register of Kent County for the probate of wills and granting of Letters of Administration and being sworn on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God saith that what is contained in the above instrument is true as stated and that the declaration therein setforth was made by the said Daniel Durham in his last sickening and at his usual place of abode. That Elizabeth Farmer was present and heard the same and was with this deponent called to bear witness. That said Elizabeth Farmer hath since on the 8th (unclear) departed this life as he is informed and believed, and further that said Daniel Durham at the time was of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding.
Sworn & subscribed at Dover 9 March, 1815,

Be it remembered that on the ninth day of March one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, the nuncupative will of Daniel Durham dec'd was proved and approved and on the same day Letters Testamentary thereon were in due form of Law granted unto Hugh Durham who being sworn gave Bond with John McCoy hus surety in the sum of seven hundred dollars as in Bond filed.