Accomack Co., Virginia
1663 - 1695 Titheables

There is a strong suggestion that some of the Delaware families had their origins further south on the Delmarva peninsula in the Maryland and Virginia colonies and, only later, migrated north. I have pulled a number of very interesting names from the early Accomack County titheables lists compiled by Stratton Nottingham. Although there is, as of yet, no confirmed connection between any of these people and the later Delaware families, I think it does offer some tantalizing clues to the possible origins of some of the mixed race Delaware families.

Names mentioned are: Burton, Clark, Deane, Francisco, Gonsaloes (also Consalues), Harman, Hewes (Hues), Hitchins, Jackson, Johnson, Meers, Morgan, Prettiman, Sanders, Scudmore, Whittington and Wright.

I have also included any items that looked interesting.

1663 Titheables

1664 Titheables

1665 Titheables

1666 Titheables

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1669 Titheables

1670 Titheables

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1674 Titheables *

* an interesting note at the end of this list:

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* an interesting note found in this 1691 list:

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